Dir. by Abel Kohen // Prod. by IKO, Reynard Films, Prefontal Cortex
Bioluminescence VR

Biolum VR (2020)

3D Modelling \\ Animation

Directed by Abel Kohen

Produced by IKO, Reynard Films, Prefontal Cortex
With the support of CNC, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourse ORangeXR-SACD, MDM and IB

BIOLUM is a first-person cinematic VR experience that thrusts the viewer into the role of RACHAEL, a fearless diver exploring the ocean abyss led by her mentor and expedition leader, EVA.

Inspired by the shattering beauty of deep-sea life, BIOLUM blurs the line between biological truth and science fiction in this addictive, epic and enlightening story, fully fixed to our time. Season One of Biolum is set on board the Archimedes expedition; an ocean voyage triggered by the appearance of anomalous bioluminescent life forms blooming off the coast of Antarctica. The expedition is mounted by the International Centre for Oceanic Research (ICOR). At the frontiers of marine exploration, ICOR is for the ocean what NASA is to Space.

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