Wallace and Gromit - The Grand Getaway

Wallace and Gromit – The Grand Getaway (2023)

Environnement and Assets Modelling / Texturing

Produced by Atlas V, Aardman and Meta Quest

In Collaboration with No Ghost Studio

In The Grand Getaway, holidays are in the offing for Wallace and Gromit. Sun, sand, and the chance to test out their latest contraption, Auto-Caddy. But Wallace has his dates mixed up – they have to be on the other side of the country in just half an hour! There’s only one thing for it… they’ll take the Rocket. But a mishap with the controls sends Wallace, Gromit and Auto-Caddy hurtling off course. Will this be a holiday to remember?

The Grand Getaway will be launched on Meta Quest 2, the all-in-one VR headset, enabling users to walk around, explore and get hands-on (or paws-on!) within the world of Wallace & Gromit for the first time, and truly be a part of the pair’s adventures.

Finbar Hawkins and Bram Ttwheam are co-directing for Aardman with the support of Nick Park, creator of Wallace & Gromit, and Merlin Crossingham, creative director of Wallace & Gromit. Ben Whitehead will again voice Wallace, as he has done for previous Wallace & Gromit projects, following in the footsteps of the late Peter Sallis.

Antoine Cayrol & Arnaud Colinart, Producers and co-founders at Atlas V :

“Atlas V is aiming to work with renowned IP, in order to have more impact on the audience and touch more people. Today, we are thrilled to bring the Wallace & Gromit storyworld to spatial entertainment with this incredible team of creative minds. It was challenging for all of us to come together to reach the level of expectations and standards that such an IP demands, but we are convinced that the fans of Wallace & Gromit and the VR community will experience amazing immersive adventures by interacting with these two much-loved characters.”

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