Written and Directed by Céline Tricart
Fight Back


Concept Art \\ 3D Modelling \\ Lighting \\ Unity Programming\\Visual Effects \\ UX Design

Written and Directed by Céline Tricart

Produced by Red Corner, Lucid Dreams Productions and France Télévisions 

Fight Back is a Virtual Reality game created by COVEN and developped by ALBYON. The prequel “FIGHT BACK: ORIGINS” is premiering at the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

“FIGHT BACK: ORIGINS” will soon be available for free on App Lab for Meta Quest 2 in English, French and Spanish.

Under the cover of a thrilling, fun adventure game with hand tracking enabled, “FIGHT BACK ORIGINS” is an introduction to self defense techniques as an answer to gender-based violence.

The empowerment-based model of self-defense training includes physical self defense techniques, but also a comprehensive range of tactics including verbal techniques, awareness skills, confidence-building practices, and more. Empowerment Self Defense is a system designed by and for women to :

  • Avoid danger and de-escalate conflict.​
  • Increase confidence in participating in social and economic systems.​
  • Increase self-efficacy in problem-solving.​
  • Build physical self defense skills.​
  • Address violence that is most likely to occur in individual settings (e.g., school, home, workplace).​

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