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In december 2019, the immersive media company Atlas V launched ALBYON, its first studio dedicated to immersives experiences and video games.
Lead by veterans of video game and 3D animation industries, ALBYON brings together a team of passionate people, pushing boundaries back every day in order to tell stories that matter.
The studio took part in several memorable pieces of work in narrative VR, like Battlescar, Madrid Noir, Missing Pictures or Glimpse, which just won best VR experience at the International Animation Festival of Annecy and at the Cannes XR Festival.
ALBYON is one of the most awarded studios of its field, with distinctions coming from Tribeca, the  Mostra de Venise, Numix, the Biennale de Venise, the GIFF…
Rooted in innovation, we invest in research and developpment to allow for the creation of new worlds, and new stories.

We create engaged artistic experiences, on the fight on racism, protection of the environment, or the fight against inequalities. But we also developp unique experiences, at the heart of a punk concert, in the depths of the oceans, or in a rocket with Wallace and Gromit.

Virtual or not, a story that captivates us becomes a reality


Working in Lyon

Choosing Albyon is also choosing Lyon, and you really can’t get it wrong with that pick. The city is very active culturally, has great food specialities and is near the countryside ; whether you’re in the mood for a hike, a picnic, a high-end meal or spending the afternoon in a museum, Lyon has it all : Museums, concert venues, theatres, festivals, publics parcs, renowned monuments… Countless opportunities to go out and explore are waiting for you here. Lumieres Brothers paved the way for us, don’t forget to vist their museum !

Right at the centre of the city, the parc de la Tête d’Or is perfect if you want to take a walk in the sun and enjoy the 117 hectares or just lie on the grass with your friends.

Lyon is also the capital of French gastronomy ! The city counts 15 Michelin-starred restaurants and 4000 establishments overall. And according to François-Régis Gaudry from the tv-show Très Très Bon, the city is honoured to house the best kebab of the country…

Lyon’s public transportation were really thought over, and it shows ; whatever your itinerary may be, you’ll get there for sure ! The bike lanes are secure, and it’s also very easy to reach the city centre, even coming from the outer ring of Lyon. Albyon is just mere steps from the train station, and many of our employees live in the countryside.

Taking a trip to Paris, Milan or to the mountains on a weekend has never been easier !Lyon is 30 minutes away from very diverse natural landscapes ; ideal for adventurers and lovers of the outdoors.

A bit about the economic ecosystem now !

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is the second biggest video game producer in France, after Île de France (Paris). Here are the main numbers :

Our offices are located in the business district, in direct proximity to the train station, and there are lots of places to eat from around the area There’s so much option that everyday the team has to ask themselves The Question : What are we eating ?

If you are a shopping person, we are near one of the biggest urban shopping center in all Europe.

If you want to learn more about the jobs offer, and join our team, you can visit the Job Opportunity page

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